Gaming. It’s a changing. It’s remarkable how indie gaming, once considered unworthy of “real” gamers’ attention, is now at the center of some of the most creative works in the industry. Yet it feels like every indie game dev out there is still trying to scrape by, hoping to find a way to build a fanbase, hoping to have a leg to stand on against the big guys, and hoping that they can create games for a living. If you seen Indie Games: The Movie, then you know what we mean. Indie Loot was born out of our desire to elevate the indie gaming scene.

Our goal is to find a way to connect gamers with game creators, so that everyone can rally behind ideas they believe in. We’re here to shed light on the wonders of creating games, and sometimes even be the cheerleader when things seem kinda tough. When you see game devs putting their heart and soul into a game, especially when you can see how great the game can be, it’s hard not to want to champion such a movement. The indie gaming revolution is upon, and we’re here to cause a ruckus!