Hot Cosplay: Batgirl


Since DC recently rebooted pretty much all of its big name heroes with “The New 52″ event, I figured we would keep the cosplay in the world of DC this week. And who better than Batgirl? Time to dive into Gotham once again!

And NO, there are NO images of cosplay as Oracle (freaks). Time to gander!

Batgirl Sexy

batgirl lexi belle

batgirl lexi belle

Cosplay Batgirl

Batgirl Cosplay

Bat Cosplay

Bat Girl Outfit

Batgirl Hot Cosplay

Batty on a bench

batgirl takin it offNow below are some pics that aren’t cosplay per se, but I’m pretty sure there’s a bat emblem in them somewhere. Can you find it?


skimpy bat

batgirl skimpy

batty undies